PREMIERE DEMANDE: CAMILLE PECHA m’a gentiment ecrit fin Fevrier. Elle m’a envoye son CV pour ceux/celles interesse(e)s. Elle sera a la messe Dimanche prochain si vous souhaitez la rencontrer.

My name is Camille Pecha and I am a Junior French major at the University of Dallas. I was hoping to go to France this summer to work as an au pair. I would like to avoid going through an official au pair agency because I would be uncomfortable living with a family unless I had personal references, unless I knew someone who could verify that the family is respectable.


> Madame Poublan suggested that you may be able to put me in contact with some French families in need of an au pair because you know many of the families that attend the French masses at Cistercian (and they in turn know families in France). I have met several of these families, but I do not have any of their contact information.


> I speak French pretty fluently and have a lot of experience with children (I worked as a nanny for several summers, have baby-sat for many families for years, have four younger siblings and have five much younger cousins who live down the street. I also have experience with infants and disabled children).


J’ai la fille d’un cousin (Claire a 24 ans) qui vient s’installer a Dallas du mois d”avril au Mois d’Aout; elle fait un stage chez Essilor pendant 5 mois. Elle a visa, voiture, un revenu, mais pas de logement. Elle aimerait partager un apart avec des filles de son age. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a une chambre a louer, ou si vous avez avez une autre idee, please let me know!